Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is so common in adults that every adult is going to be affected by it sometime in their lifetime. It is not a disease but a symptom. A symptom, that prompts you towards the underlying concern.

When thoracic back pain strikes one it can be quite frustrating and even after going through a list of tests one is not able to distinguish and put a finger to the exact cause. The vast range of medical tests will certainly not guarantee that you are going to get to the root of the thoracic back pain concern. The problem is that it is really not easy to distinguish the exact cause of the pain because it is not just one thing that causes it. There are several reasons to the pain and each of them might be interlinked or separate but the ultimate impact on the person is the same, excruciating pain.

Should you go to your doctor ?

Yes, you should and so should anyone with unexplained pain in the back or else where. So, do not shy away from letting your doctor know the exact details of the pain as only then will they be able to prescribe the right treatment for you.

Been to the doctor ? Tried many medications ? Here’s what you should try now …

Even after running all the medical tests, treatments if you find no relief from the pain then you can try low back pain exercises. These exercises are recommended by the doctors themselves and have brought about great relief to the patients. You need not let this low back pain to allow your daily life to come to a grinding halt. Lots of people have to bare and deal with thoracic back pain as it is only second to the common cold.

However, thoracic back pain need not be ignored or neglected as the right treatment will enable the person to be fit within two months. Most nerve root backaches are caused on the lower right back pain and the right kind of treatment can certainly get it improved and get the back pain under control.

How serious can it be ?

Back pain in general is a symptom of some underlying concern and is not the disease itself. It could be a disease or an injury to the muscle, nerve or the spine. It could also be linked to the abdomen, chest, kidneys, bladder infections, ligament tear or sciatica. However, do not panic, it may also be a normal pain resulting from exhaustion, fatigue and lack of sleep.

Back Pain and nerve injury

When the nerve roots are damaged then the symptoms are of a low backache that is sharp and affects a specific region of the back. Also, there might be numbness in the leg of the affected nerve. There are sciatic pain relief measures that can be used to curb the symptoms and get the person to a work state that is almost normal.

When one has thoracic back pain, there is a pain that radiates from the front portion to the sides and the back of the leg or may just be in the back region. The pain of this kind gets worse as one exercises and starts activity. Therefore, a person afflicted by thoracic back pain needs red. If one sits for too long especially in a car then the pain will get aggravated. In case of a severe case of sciatica you might be unable to stand on your toes or get your feet forward.

Back Pain related to Falls/Injuries

If the thoracic back pain has occurred due to a fall or injury then you must seek immediate medical attention. Falls from a height or an accident requires immediate attention. Upon experiencing Thoracic back pain, the first thing is to start with a pain control medication to make the pain subside. There are some people who might get a lot of relief from hot and cold compresses. Although there is no specific scientific reason that this might relief the back pain, it will also not cause any harm.

Should you rest for relief ?

There is a myth associated with thoracic back pain that bed rest and no activity will make it better and go away. However, that is certainly not the case with thoracic back pain. In fact, if the person rests for more than 48 hours than it is going to be harmful for them.

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Natural Back Pain Remedies for your aching back

One has a lot of problem in sitting and while standing up and the worst of all even one when one wants to relax and sleep he/she just cannot do it. This is because of the back pain, one of the most common problems of the present time. A lot of people just say that as it is common problem it is normal. This is not so. One has to find the back pain remedies as this is something that can lead to serious consequences.


Boswellia is one of the first things that can be tried as the back pain remedies. This is a natural product and has been proved that the inflammation in the body is reduced to a great extent with this. This herbal medication is available in the pill as well as cream form. It is the best among the natural things that are tried for back pain remedies.


A few other things that are tried as back pain remedies and can be prepared at home are as follows. Read the rest of this entry »

Back Pain Remedies – 5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Thoracic Back Pain

In today’s world everyone is looking for ways to get best of material comforts. For this we all run all the time to earn as higher as we can to get them. In the run for comfort we forget that we need to relax as well to enjoy this comfort. The work schedules get so hectic and the stress is so much that at the end we have to run to find the back pain remedies

This is one of the common problems that are being faced by the working class all over the world. Back pain is caused when one keeps sitting in the wrong posture at the desk for long durations. This can also be caused just because of the long hours sitting. There are a lot of easy ways that can be used as back pain remedies for one and all.

The first thing that must be done for getting relaxed from the back pain is to take a break from the work and work on the back. Earlier it was said that rest is the best way but now it is believed that it is better to keep on the move. That is get involved in light physical work. This would make the back stronger. This is taken to be one of the best back pain remedies.

If the reason for back pain
is an accident then cold compact stuff must be used to support the back where one is hurt. The easy and say the best way are to use ice packs. If there is any swelling it can be removed with the anti-inflammatory action of the ice pack compressions.

The back pain can be because of the uncomfortable sleeping mattress, so try using another posture while sleeping and also change the mattress to get rid of the pain. The mattress must be firm and not too soft or too hard.

If the back pain is due to the excessive stress and heavy work schedules then a regular massage and hot water bath can relax the back and help in getting rid from the pain. If this is done on regular basis the pain will never persist.

And above all the best back pain remedies for any kind of pain in the body, one must keep away from the tensions and stress of the daily life. One has to first find the reason for the back pain
but all the back pain remedies mentioned above can be adopted in the daily life to keep away from any kind physical pain.

How to Sit Properly to Avoid Thoracic back pain

In the fast moving world, most of the people are left with either no time or minimum time to pay attention to their health and fitness. There are many who just have to sit throughout the day without even having any time to move their body and the muscles. Continuous sitting and lack of movement proves hard on our body.  Sometimes wrong postures also create problems like thoracic back pain, muscle amnesia, alteration in the curvature of the spine etc. Sitting in a wrong posture for 15-20 minutes at a stretch will lead to strain the tissues and result in functional abnormalities. Sitting in a bad posture will cause certain tissues to absorb the excess force that it may not be able to handle. This will lead to deterioration of the tissues. If you sit continuously for a longer duration then this will result in muscle amnesia where the muscles become less active and go to sleep. When the glutes, which are the common buttocks muscles, develop muscle amnesia, the low back gets strained and results in back pain.

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Thoracic back pain – Various Causes Revealed

Thoracic back is the portion of upper back in a person’s body. It refers to the area between the neck portion and the lumbar back or the lower back. The vertebrae or the ribs are attached to the thoracic back. It is that part of the spine which is corresponding with the chest portion. This part of the back is strong enough to bear all the burden and strain in order to protect the upper part of the body. It is not so common to have thoracic back pain in comparison to the pain at the lower back. However, if one is suffering from the thoracic back pain, it is no less torturing as is in many spinal disorders that are becoming common nowadays.

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VIDEO: Thoracic Back pain – Improve Thoracic Mobility

This exercise is so valuable for improving mobility in the thoracic (upper) spine.

While lying on a foam roller, fold your arms infront of you as if you’re higging yourself.

Start rolling from the base of the ribs to the are below your neck (upper border of the shoulder blades/scapulae). Repeat 2-3 times. This shall give you instant relief for thoracic back pain.

Do not panic if any cracking/popping occurs during this exercise, it is completely normal.

Duration : 0:0:15

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VIDEO: Thoracic Back pain – Back Exercises & Stretches

Chiropractor Dr. Christopher Mango instructs how to do upper back stretch exercises in this video to relief shoulder and upper back pain.

Expert: Dr. Christopher Mango
Filmmaker: Buccola Richard

Duration : 0:2:31

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VIDEO: Back Exercises & Stretches : Trapezius Muscle Stretch

It is common to have pain in the shoulder area arising from the Trapezius muscle. In this video, you will learn how to stretch your Trapezius muscle and relief shoulder pain.

Expert: Dr. Christopher Mango
Filmmaker: Buccola Richard

Duration : 0:1:15

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Postural Thoracic Back Pain – Computer Seating Advice

In most of the cases, thoracic back pain is caused due to postural defects (and hence called postural thoracic ache). There are number of people who are required to sit throughout the day while commuting to the office in the car, sit before the computers and once they reach home they lounge and go to sleep. There is no movement of the body to tone the muscles and hence start to develop postural back ache.

The sitting posture must be perfect to avoid back pains. When the back is rested in an abnormal posture for hours together then this will result in postural thoracic ache. The spine equilibrium gets disturbed and unbalanced. The joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine are packed full of stretch receptors and position which constantly maintain and monitor the posture. Many problems arise due to the sensitization of the spinal cord and these can be resolved by stretching and moving the affected parts.

If you are sitting before a computer for long hours then also your body should remain active. It should not feel the strain which will result in crushing down the nerves. You should know the right posture which will protect your back and save you from suffering thoracic back pain.

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Medications for Your Thoracic Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is an ailment which makes the patient so uncomfortable and uneasy that he prefers to get rid of it first. This type of pain occurs when a person sits for long hours together leaning forward or due to any problem in the disc. Doctors prefer exercises to medicines but sometimes only the exercises cannot cure the patient so he has to go for medication. Back pain is a common disorder with which thousands of people suffer. There are Gastrointestinal disorders which are associated with thoracic back pain as well as osteoporosis, herpes, zoster and tuberculosis.

When the pain is lingering for more than three months, doctors suggest certain tests for correct diagnosis such as the CBC, ESR and X-rays. Mostly they prescribe Celebrex or the counter medication such as ibuprofen or else naproxen. Epidural injections are a non-surgical option for thoracic back pain, although not commonly prescribed. Pain-relieving medication is delivered directly or indirectly near the source of the pain. Epidural injections can be repeated from time to time and once the pain is relieved, physical rehabilitation can be done as well. A saline solution can be added to reduce inflammation. Anesthetic medications are also sometimes used to relieve pain.

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